Soil Testing Begins, And More Annex Details

Drilling for soil testing began last week in the northeast corner of the Waters School campus. We also received some more details on the annex plan from Principal Titia Kipp in Waters Green Notes last Wednesday:

I wanted to share some of the main features of the project that have been decided. The location of the new three story annex will be the NE corner of the property eliminating the ‘big kid’ playground and surrounding greenery, connecting the new annex with the existing building which will include an elevator. The main building will receive a new roof, tuck pointing and painting. The interior of the current annex will be redesigned for classroom and additional meeting space. The South garden and play field have been designated a ‘no work’ zone. Play space, directly east of the gym doors, has been incorporated into the plan (they consulted with the landscape architects that designed the Welles Park nature play area but are open to other proposals). [CPS] will continue to update us on the schematic design process and likely schedule a community meeting to present the plans sometime in January.

Ecology teacher Pete Leki registered concern about the garden space in the Waters Garden Newsletter, also released Wednesday:

The siting of the new edition means that the Snake and Turtle garden will be destroyed. We hope that we will be able to transplant some of the hazel nut, and perhaps re-purpose some of the trees for fencing or firewood. We will be looking for a new spot to re-built Snake and Turtle themselves, that we can continue telling the story of Waters School through them. We will be working with the school community, the planners and landscape architects to save what we can, and honor the passing of a lovely garden.

We were not aware that the boring of holes in the NE corner would start so soon. We had asked our community to be vigilant and we received many alarmed communications this morning. It appears that the truck drilling the holes will not enter Snake and Turtle garden. We are very glad that they are not in the southern part of the site. We will try to give input about the other landscaping plans, and see if we can get some help in moving plants from Snake and Turtle Garden.

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