FOIA Response Updates

The Public Building Commission said this week they do not have records detailing the proposed annex building plans, and Chicago Public Schools refused to answer whether they have records relating to the proposed annex. These statements were in response to follow up requests I sent to the PBC in response to the FOIA response they provided earlier this week and a new FOIA request I sent to CPS to request similar documents.

As I wrote Wednesday, the PBC FOIA response seems incomplete, since it does not include some “attached documents” mentioned in the response and does not include documents assigning the architect and landscape architect. The missing attached documents seem to be site plan outlines, which would have been useful to determine the original architectural intent for the school.

Regarding CPS, they simply replied, “The above-mentioned project is managed by the Public Building Commission (PBC), a separate entity independent of the Chicago Public Schools. Please direct your request to the PBC.” This is a non-answer, since it does not answer the question of whether or not CPS has documents regarding the school’s planning. I will make time this week to follow up with a FOIA attorney.

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