Greetings! This website has been organized by Waters Elementary School parents in an attempt to distribute information regarding the proposed addition to Waters Elementary School. The addition has been proposed by Chicago Public Schools to be built partially on the site of Water’s  community garden, a critical part of the school’s unique, award-winning ecology program. Parents and students are organizing to keep the garden whole and save it.

Waters has many organizations working to improve the school and the community around it. They include:

Waters Elementary – The official school website.

Waters Today – A non-profit dedicated to raising funds for the school.

Waters Elementary Local School Council

Waters Garden Email List – A list with news on maintenance of the school’s unique garden and for the garden’s volunteers.

Waters Garden and Ecology Program – A website complement to the Garden email list.

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Schematic Drawings Released And February Community Meeting Set

This week the Public Building Commission released schematic drawings and conceptual drawing of the planned Waters Elementary Annex and Chicago Public Schools representatives met with members of the Local School Council. LSC members learned a community meeting is planned for February, but none of the new community requests made in November will be included in …

Report From Annex Planning Meeting With CPS

Water Elementary LSC Chair Erica Smith provided this update on her Friday meeting: Principal Kipp, Mr. Leki, Jessie Novak (VP WatersToday) and I (Erica Smith, LSC Chair) met this morning in Alderman Pawar’s office with officials from CPS, the Public Building Commission, and an architect working on the preliminary design for our new Annex. While …